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Developers are often placed in the position of having to disturb areas where there are known or likely significant archaeological deposits. In some of these caes, monitoring ground-disturbing activities can be a more productive means of identifying and protecting cultural resources than a traditional Phase I, II, or III investigation. This is especially true under emergency circumstances, such as when a blown natural gas or water transmission line requires a rapid response.

Monitoring projects require that a trained archaeologist be on hand to observe ground disturbances and identify any archaeological features or deposits uncovered. Often, when an artifact or feature is encountered, the archaeologist can quickly record it and allow construction activities to continue. In other cases, such as when burials are uncovered, the archaeologist is forced to temporaily halt construction activities until a plan for removal can be arranged. Whatever the cirsumstances, having a monitor on hand can protect a client from the legal raminfactions of unknowingly disturbing protected resources.

Weaver & Associates is committed to conducting monitoring projects in a way that affords our clients minimal delay. In emergency circumstances, we can mobilize on a moment's notice. We encourage you to contact us whatever the size, scope, or conditions of your project.