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Our Company

Weaver & Associates, LLC is a full-service cultural resource management (CRM) company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. As a small business enterprise with limited overhead, we are able to offer both professional and cost-effective solutions to our client's CRM-related needs. Our core staff is versatile and dynamic, experienced not only in archaeology and history, but also related fields such as geographic information systems (GIS) technology, geophysical survey, artifact conservation and curation, and museum services. In addition, we maintain working relationships with a number of other professionals in subspecialties such as paleobotany, zooarchaeology, and architectural history. No matter what the needs of a project, we are confident in being able to provide quality results at limited time and cost.

Weaver & Associates was founded by Guy G. Weaver in the fall of 1998. The company became a limited liability company on January 1, 1999; since that time, we have conducted more than 400 projects for a variety of federal, state, and local government agencies, public and private companies, individual landowners, and developers.

Our current facility and equipment allow us to complete any aspect of a project or investigation in-house. We maintain both on- and off-site storage areas, a full-service laboratory, library, and printing and production center. Our success has enabled us to keep up-to-date with quickly evolving technology, and we use professional-grade graphics, design, and word-processing software to prepare our reports and other publications.

Weaver & Associates is a member of numerous national, regional, and local organizations, including the American Cultural Resources Association (ACRA) and Historic Broad Business Association. Our staff members are active within the Register of Professional Archaeologists and other professional and nonprofit groups. We maintain working relationships with both the University of Memphis and Rhodes College, and members of our staff have taught at both institutions and supervised excavations at their annual summer field schools.

We believe our active participation within the greater community is what gives us an edge over our competition, and we remain committed to conducting quality work in a manner that meets the goals of cultural resource management and the needs of our clients.